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Settlement Gifting

Sale price$170.00

What a wonderful way to say, 'welcome home'!

Did you know: 66% of gift recipients are able to recall a business or brand after receiving a physical gift from them? It's why, in an increasingly digital world, we believe in physical settlement gifting.

Our Settlement Gifts are curated with care for real estate agents, builders and mortgage brokers to drive real business results, providing a meaningful, memorable, sustainable and personal way to celebrate your client and leave a lasting impression.

The standard Settlement Gift Includes:

  • Your choice of The Botanist Bunch - Decorate your recipients new kitchen bench with a stunning, fragrant bouquet designed for impact!
  • A handcrafted ceramic vase to accompany
  • A full size Tread Softly Prosecco for the all important celebration moment
  • Your choice of personalised gift card
  • TBW's signature 'Plant based magic' carry bag 
Choose your bouquet:
Settlement Gifting
Settlement Gifting Sale price$170.00


Our wholesome, plant-based offering is designed to nourish you on the inside, support your mental health and help you feel amazing!


Our sustainability initiatives look at the entire lifecycle of the product, from thoughtful suppliers to sustainable packaging.  


All combined with messaging - rooted in positive psychology - designed to help us all get a little more meaningful. ♥️