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Article: How The Botanist came to be...

How The Botanist came to be...

How The Botanist came to be...


Hi! I'm Sarah 👋🏻

Many of you may remember me from such elaborate creations....

Well covid and a new bub with health challenges, put a quick stop of all of that! 

In hindsight, covid - and all of my orders cancelling quite literally overnight - was a strange blessing for me. I was one of those (semi-unhinged) new mums who thought she could/should get back into work a month after having a caesarian and I hadn’t really planned for much shutdown. But a month+ later we were still in the children’s hospital… and neither Violet nor I were in a very good state.

And so, with obvious new priorities, I quietly took our website down. *Cue the tears*

But I couldn’t let it go.

I kept asking myself, how can I simplify, how can I streamline? How can I create a business that I can do well with two tiny kids?

And so, elaborate floral installations were pared back to lovely hand tied bouquets. And the ingredients that once were used on catering spreads now featured in beautifully packaged gift bundles instead.

Importantly, our values of nutrition, sustainability and connection remained.

If I’m honest, The Botanist is exactly what I needed during those dark days as a new mum. For someone to rock up at my door with a bunch of feel-good flowers and a healthy box of fruit. For my pantry to be stocked with wholefoods, an almond milk hot chocolate made. Back then receiving a card printed with ‘YOU GOT THIS!’ might have sent me over the edge 😭😅 but these are words we all need to hear, frequently, no matter what we are going through.

So now I’m sharing them with you 😊

Everything on our site is an invitation to connect - and more deeply and meaningfully at that.

Whether it’s a gift that instigates a catch-up - a dinner date perhaps? Or a prompt to come together over food - DIY grazing platter, yes please!

Or the words on our cards & packaging that help us get more meaningful - yes, you *are* ‘bloomin’ magic’ and I *do* see the magic in you (even if you find it hard to at times).

Those words ‘you are bloomin' magic’ that feature across our brand - well they’re intentionally a bit dorky! Designed to cut through the invisible walls we put up, like the one where we say 'I'm ok' when really, we’re not.

I hope this brand provides you with a platform to strengthen your own connections, to be that person who checks in on your loved ones & celebrates your peers… and to look after yourself too.

(Like it says below) I’d love that for you x

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